Yoga Retreat in Bali

Ideally suited for singles, couples, families, and group of friends alike who want to spend quality time away, then this Ubud Retreat is very much calling you to unwind your batteries and feel rejuvenated. The settings are just perfect for this resort.

Not only is this property surrounded by coconut trees but also covered with streams and the Petanu River. These sources are origins of the comforting sounds of nature and can be heard throughout your stay

The Petanu River aka the Cursed River has a legend that goes with it. Locals say it was formed from the blood of a demon king who wanted the Balinese to worship him as their god. After a long battle, this demon king was slain by the Hindu deities.

The retreat is just a 10-minute drive from the Ubud city centre and hidden away in the southern foothills of Bali. What is eye-catching is the beauty of its terraced rice fields, the giant coconut trees and also the beautiful streams and flowering gardens that embrace this secluded territory which is a haven of peace.

This resort is genuinely a Balinese resort in all regards as it was designed by the Balinese architects and constructed by the local builders. Their staff and management is also Balinese! This makes the property truly authentic. Locally available material like coconut wood has been utilized for resort’s furnishings while the artworks featured at this resort’s rooms and villas are the brainchild of local artists and craftsmen.

About Bhanuswari Retreat

Bhanuswari exemplifies the true spirit of Ubud tradition and therefore provides visitors and guests the much-needed break from the rigors of everyday life. People come here in search of peace and seek solitude in the company of nature so as to strike the right balance between mind and body.

The resort's celebrated spa is highly renowned as it clearly abides by its mission to relax and rejuvenate the guests through the various kinds of treatments it offers. Even Yoga classes can be arranged as per requirement. That apart, treks around the lush green paddy fields in the morning are highly enriching simply because of the incredible valley scenery it offers and also because of the soothing sounds of Balinese wildlife. This combination of sorts will leave you mesmerized. The Bali Starling, Komodo dragon, Orangutan, Sumatran Tigers, and The Black Ape are part of Bali wildlife.

Daily Sample Schedule

08.30 am – 10.00 amYoga Practice
10.00 am – 11.00 amBreakfast
11.00 am – 13.00 pmMeditation / Free time for the beach
13.00 pm – 16.30 pmBreak for Lunch & Rest
16.30 pm – 18.00 pmHatha Yoga Practice (Optional)
18.00 pm – 19.15 pmGroup sunset time
19.30 pm – 20.30 pmDinner .
20.45 pm – 21.45 pmEvening Meditation, Kirtan etc.

Retreat Cost

€ 550

Single Privet Room

€ 850

Shared Room Friend or Partner

What’s Included

Yoga Sessions
Yoga twice daily with Hatha yoga sessions in the afternoons
Yoga Nidra
Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation process)
Seven Night’s single accommodation
Healthy Meals
Healthy meals provided. All Breakfasts, lunches & dinners
Two Meditations
Dolphin Trip
Dolphin Trip
Cooking Class
One Indian cooking class
Airport Pick-Up
Airport Pick-Up