1-1 Private Yoga Classes

At Yoga Nisarga, we strongly believe that Yoga can help every person in terms of fitness, meditation, spirituality, and more. We all know that life in the 21st century is hectic and the schedules are not getting fulfilled all the time. Reaching to yoga class on time during your busy schedules & rushing to studios through heavy traffic may end up building more stress on your mind. We make it easy for you.

Bringing Yoga to You at Your Convenience Place

Our private yoga class is specially designed to fulfill your needs & deliver a safe and easy way to develop a healthy yoga and meditation habit in your busy life. Our convenient, private & fully-personalized yoga program takes a pivotal place in your sweet home with a daily and weekly appointment at your preferred time. Realizing the need for quality yoga lessons at home in a hectic lifestyle, Yoga Nisarga brings a well-designed private yoga to your home when you need it.

With our private yoga sessions, you will get personalized instruction to improve your health, body posture, lifestyle, and breathing practice. Our yoga teachers craft the classes that fulfill your demands and make your whole session joyful.

Our Private Yoga Sessions Include:

1. Yoga with Personal Instruction: Get complete assistance from the yoga expert on how to practice it in the right manner. A good opportunity to learn one on one yoga for breath awareness, posture correction, improve body language & a great guide on meditation. Learn the Yoga Asana, you want. Well, that’s not possible with the group yoga classes.

2. Meditation: A pure medication can benefit to body, mind, and soul. With our private meditation lessons, you can release bodily tension, remove soul impurities, ease the mind, and more. Practice meditation in a spiritual way under our well-focused and certified private yoga teachers.

3. Breath Work (Pranayama): A breath plays an important part of our life and can be regulated properly with the help of Pranayama – a combination of two words Prana (force) & Ayam (Control). With our private pranayama sessions, you can bust the stress physically & mentally and balance your automated nervous system. Regular Pranayama practices can help you make your mind calm and well-balanced.

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    Quick Reasons to Start Attending Private Yoga Lessons:

    • Understand the basics and beauty of yoga
    • Work on the right poses to increase body flexibility & alignment
    • Regular therapeutic practice to overcome lower back pain, insomnia, and other serious diseases
    • Enhance your athletic performance
    • Core mediation practice to content the mind and soul
    • Explore a variety of yoga styles at home
    • Build confidence to perform yoga practices in groups

    Benefits of Availing Our Private Yoga Training Sessions

    • All our training instructors and yoga experts are verified and you can confirm it through our customer dashboard.
    • Offering hands-on assistance to ensure proper alignment and body postures.
    • All the private sessions will be scheduled at your convenient time and comfortable place. No stress about getting reach on time for a yoga class
    • Our top-Tier Yoga teachers are always there to help you make your body flexible and peaceful mind.
    • Teach different yoga postures to alleviate serious diseases like anxiety, depression & stress

    Private Coaching for Yoga teachers:

    Are you a yoga teacher and wish to improve your yoga practice to the next level? You can count on Yoga Nisarga. Over the years, our yoga experts team has established thriving yoga practices & the capability to teach new yoga asana and meditation forms to the yoga teachers. So, they can teach their students with ease. We are here to empower the yoga teachers and become them more impactful as yoga instructors and healers.

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    Drop us a Line:

    No matter, whether you are a newbie or a professional yoga teacher; Yoga Nisarga is always there to bring your yoga practices in the right direction. To schedule an appointment with our private yoga experts, give us a call at +919552176333 / +919049493970 or simply drop a message at info@yoganisarga.com.

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