Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

200 Hour Yoga Instructor Course in Goa, India

Yoga Teacher Training Goa a perfect blend of oriental and western culture, also called as "Rome of the East", is the most westernized state of India. Goa is surrounded by beautiful beaches and lush green landscapes making it the perfect place for yoga teacher training in goa It forms a perfect mix of westerners and Indians who have openly accepted western culture. Since it is a perfect combo of different cultures Goa can be called as "home away from home" for all aspirants coming from different parts of the world.

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Our Yoga Centre in Goa (India)

Yoga Nisarga is ideally located in the beautiful, uncrowded, un-commercialized beach town of Ashvem beach, North Goa, India. Picture lush jungle, palm trees, beautiful beach coves, traditional colorful wooden fishing boats lined up on shore, rock and cliff formations at either end of the coves, a selection of local and international restaurants serving great food at affordable prices, friendly, welcoming people - that’s North Goa. Peaceful, gentle, laid-back, a place to chill and to learn. That’s the environment you’ll be in for an unforgettable month. Some of our students don’t want to leave!

Yoga Instructor Course - Teaching Style

Yoga Nisarga is one of the best yoga teacher training in India that aims to impart quality teachings to the students to make them attain optimal health from body to soul. Here, we teach the students with the help of our profound and influential yoga program and make them raised up as the proficient yoga teacher.

Our Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher training goa program is designed for the yoga aspirants whose dream is to become a yoga teacher soon. Our teaching style is molded with the aim to provide the correct knowledge about the yoga practices to the students coming from different nations, backgrounds, and cultures. We teach the students with the hidden insights of what all is included in the term ‘practice of yoga.’ We also instruct regular practice sessions along with the theory classes to comprehend their never stoppable learning initiative.

We follow a continued learning schedule which is followed by a well-defined syllabus that covers both ancient yoga traditions and modern-day yoga practices. The learning program covers the yoga practice requirements along with safety precautions that will make nurture you as a professional.

Yoga Alliance Certified Course

Yoga teacher training goa our top-rated yoga alliance yoga teacher training goa courses are designed to direct you to become a complete yoga instructor who becomes able to guide others to grow and learn all the aspects of the yoga lifestyle. After the training course, you will be able to attain a perfect balance in your life. The training program is meant to deliver you a combo of learning cum excursions. At the center, you are free to explore the surrounding area.

Yoga Course Syllabus

We follow a continued learning schedule which is followed by a well-defined syllabus that covers both ancient yoga traditions and modern-day yoga practices. The learning program covers the yoga practice requirements along with safety precautions that will make nurture you as a professional.

Guiding Principles for Yogic Practice – At Yoga Nisarga

  • Yoga Nisarga's 200 hrs yoga course is meticulously designed to satisfy the requirements of the Hatha Yoga and half primary series Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow.
  • During your yoga asana classes, you will learn how to correctly move through different postures, exercise the Prana (breath), Drishti (point of focus), and Bandhas.
  • Learn the root definition for each pose while undergoing breath-based training.
  • Pranayama- Introduction to breathing techniques and demonstrated an ability to practice Anulom Viloma, Bhastrika, Chandrabhedana, Suryabhedana, Ujjai, Bharamari, Sheetali, Sheetkari, and the knowledge of their benefits, limitations, and techniques.
  • Shat Kriyas – Purpose and Utility this includes theory and practice of six purification techniques- Dhuti, Basti, Neti, Trataka, Nauli and Kapalabhatti- Selection
  • Mudra- Meaning and purpose of Practicing
  • Bandhas: Introduction to Jalandhara bandha, Uddiyana bandha, Mula bandha, and Maha bandha
  • Ayurvedic Approach to Yogic Diet and Significance of Sattvic Vegetarian Diet
  • Concept of Triguna- According to Ayurveda (Vata, Pitta, and Kapa)
  • Theory and practical Techniques of Meditation, Introduction to Simple Meditation Techniques for day to day life -Mindfulness Meditations.
  • Role of Yoga – Stress and Lifestyle Management
  • Aim, Objectives, and Misconception about Yoga
  • Yoga for Specific Groups: Introduction to basic prenatal yoga, yoga for kids and yoga for the elderly.

Introduction to Yoga and Yogic Practice

In this course, we study the rich and ancient history of Yoga, as well as read, contemplate and write about Yogic philosophy. We also consider how Yoga can be applied to our daily lifestyles. And it is incomplete without Yoga Philosophy. It is important to understand What is Yoga; it's origin and tradition.

  • Introduction to Yogic History & Principles: History of yoga
  • Introduction to four paths of yoga; Principles of yoga and yogic practice, (Raja Yoga, Gyan Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga)
  • Introduction to Yogic Anatomy (Theory of Chakras, Pancha Kosha, three layers, and Energy channels).
  • Introduction to Yoga Sutra of Patanjali (eight limbs of yoga)
  • Introduction to Mudras, Bandhas & Kriyas: Theory and practice, benefits, and contraindications. Techniques and practical tips: Jala Neti, Kapalbhati, Vamana, Trataka by gazing at a candle flame, or a specific point of concentration
  • Obstacles on the path of yoga mean to overcome obstacles
  • Introduction to Ayurveda approach and Yogic diet a vegetarian, sattvic approach, and their applications in day to day life.
  • Yogic lifestyle and ethics for a yoga practitioner and teacher

Alignment and Adjustment and Teaching Practice

During the first two weeks of the yoga teacher training goa, you will receive every day one and a half-hour alignment class focusing on adjustment and alignment techniques for the main postures of the Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow and a few other more advanced poses. This class will also include modifications, advance variations, use of props to adapt to everybody types/problems, and the form of each pose and how to teach it. (arm balances, backbends, inversions, among others), and regular hands-on adjustments practice.

  • The ethical guidelines for the quality of a teacher and practitioner
  • Positive & conscious communication Friendship and trust
  • Principles of management to the verbal instructions, observation, teaching styles.
  • Time management
  • Art of Demonstrations, Use of voice in class, assisting and correcting, dealing with injuries and safety precautions
  • Art of Alignment, at all the possible levels
  • Use of voice in class
  • Mental & emotional preparation for teaching
  • Class preparation
  • Step by step class structure planning.

Human Anatomy and Physiology

Our course has a comprehensive Anatomy & Physiology section, which students find fun and engaging. It is easier to practice and teach Yoga Asanas when one understands the human musculoskeletal system. We teach applied anatomy, so that you will understand how to use it wisely and systematically in your teaching.

  • Yoga Anatomy & Application: introduction and terminology to Anatomy and different systems
  • Introduction to Human Systems Yoga and Health
  • The emphasis of Musculoskeletal, Respiratory, Nervous, Digestive Joints & Movement, Muscular System
  • Functions of different systems of the human body
  • Familiarity with the benefits of various asanas on different parts of the human body.
  • Limitation and contraindication of specific Yoga practices

Daily Simple Schedule (Subject will change every week)

6:30 am to 8:30 amMeditation, Pranayama, Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow / Hatha Yoga (Alternative days)
8:50 am to 10:00 amBreakfast
10:00 am to 11:20 amYoga Philosophy/Meditation
11:30 am to 1:00 pmAlignment and adjustment
01:00 pm to 2:30 pmLunch
2:30 pm to 3:50 pmAnatomy / Physiology
4:00 pm to 4:15 pmTea Time
4:20 pm to 05:50 pmThe art of teaching / Hip Opening /Jump Back / Back bending
6:30 pm to 07:30 pmDinner
Saturday Half / Sunday Full Day Off

Course Cost

Yoga teacher training goa course is designed to bridge the gap between traditions and science. Thus, the program is followed by the motive to guide the future yoga teachers, with the ancient yoga traditions accustomed to the scientific approach of yoga practices.

Our yoga teacher training cost in Goa is kept affordable to allow even the tightest budget holders to get into it. The pricing of the yoga teacher training goa course starts from €1050 (Non-Residential) including accommodation and three meals a day. Students can go through the cost mentioned in the program and make an early booking to avoid delays.

What’s Included in Course

Training DateTeaching StyleAvailability
6 September - 28 September 2019 (Goa)Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Completed
30 September - 22 October 2019 (Goa)Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Completed
27 October- 18 November 2019 (Goa)Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Completed
24 November - 16 December 2019 (Goa)Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Completed
19 December - 10 January 2020 (Goa)Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Running
14 January - 5 February 2020 (Goa)Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Apply Now
09 February - 02 March 2020 (Goa)Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Apply Now
06 March - 28 March 2020 (Goa)Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Apply Now
28 March -19 April 2020 (Goa)Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Apply Now
21 April - 13 May 2020 (Goa)Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Apply Now

Accommodation for Students

Rooms Facilities and Food:

Goa is a much greener state in India, and Yoga Nisarga is located in beautiful nature just 10 min walking distance from famous and beautiful Ashwem Beach, Goa. Our Yoga center is two-story building surrounded by coconut trees and nature with a mountain, an ideal location for Yoga Teacher Training and Retreats. Rooms are clean and comfortable with helpful staff. The rooms equipped with a king-sized bed with a fan, mosquito net, attached bath, and hot water. If you plan to arrive a few days before or wish to stay a few days more after the course ends, let us know so we can reserve the room for you, depending upon availability. You are responsible for the extra nights’ accommodation fees.

You will enjoy Yoga and Meditation practice on the rooftop specious Yoga Hall with beautiful mountain view. At the ground floor, we have a Vegetarian and Vegan cafe for our students to enjoy healthy meals.

We provide delicious vegetarian meals prepared with love and care. We offer a sattvic (balanced) and healthy cuisine using mainly local and organic ingredients. Meals include fruit juice, brown rice, dal, green vegetables, chapati, curry, soups, salads and occasionally healthy sweets.


My experience with the Yoga Teacher Training Course has been truly wonderful. I am leaving with much more than a teaching certificate. I have learned so much in terms of Asanas (postures), Vedanta philosophy, and the Yogic way of life. The teachers were exceptional and surpassed all my expectations.
Chaitanya is very knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor making classes productive yet always light-hearted and fun. As Chaitanya would say I am leaving “ridiculously happy”.
I would recommend this course to anybody interested in a Yoga-teacher training course.

Birgitte Barkenaes - Norway