200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Thailand

Yoga Nisarga offers a Yoga teacher training program in Thailand that helps every aspiring yoga teacher to develop in mind, body, and soul. Our 200 hours yoga teacher training program takes you on a journey of self-discovery to develop your knowledge, skills, and confidence to become a true yoga guru.

Yoga is an age-old discipline that combines spirituality, mysticism, and physiology. It seeks to bring about perfect harmony by expanding your consciousness and unleashing the power of your mind. In a land steeped in spirituality, we invite you to become a soul seeker and develop your own cosmic self through advanced learning of yoga. With in-depth training and mastery of skills, you will soon become an adept guru to impact the lives of others.

Our yoga teachers training in Thailand will nurture you in the elements of Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga that includes history, anatomy, meditation, asanas, philosophy, and techniques to be proficient in the complete art of Yoga. As a comprehensive yoga teachers’ course, you will undergo practice sessions, theory, and discourse delivered in an atmosphere that transcends your mind to absorb the complete essentials of yoga.

By the end of our 200 hours of yoga teachers’ certification, you will learn how to initiate your own meditative techniques that achieve complete mindfulness. You will experience a transformation of your inner self and be blessed with insights to become a yoga guru for others. Yoga Nisarga conducts one of the best Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher training courses in Thailand. Join us on a spiritual journey where we help you discover your own style and skills to become a unique yogic master.

Yoga Alliance accredited TTC Course in Thailand

Becoming a yoga teacher involves more than joining a teacher course and getting the certification. You have to come up with full commitment and show off a sense of duty towards making your disciples nurture under you.

To become a proficient yogic teacher, you have to follow a dedicated approach to your learning. Before that, it’s highly important to choose the Accredited Yoga teacher training course in Thailand

Syllabus of Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand

Techniques Training & Practice

  • Kriyas: Theory and practice, benefits, and contraindications. Techniques and practical tips: Vaman Dauti (Kunjal Kriya), Jala Neti, and Kapalbhati.
  • Bandhas: Lecture & practice: Maha Bandha, Jalandhara Bandha, Moola Bandha, and Uddiyana Bandha.
  • Pranayama: Lecture & practical training: Full Yogic Breathing, Anulom Vilom (Alternate Nostril Breathing), Sheetali Pranayama, Sheetkari Pranayama, Bhramari Pranayama, Ujjayi Pranayama, Bhastrika Pranayama, Nadi Shodhan (energy flow purification) and Kapalbhati.
  • Mudras: Meaning and practice - the simple law of the increases and decreases 5 elements in the body.
  • Meditation Techniques: Silent Sitting (Vipasana), Guided meditation Self Hypnosis, Yoga Nidra, Taking to Body Mind, Dance Meditations, Kundalini Meditation, Chakra Breathing, Silent Walking on the beach.

Teaching is Devotion

  • Meditation and Mantras Chanting.
  • Warm-up exercises & Sun Salutation and Chandra Namaskar in a few variations Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga.
  • Hatha and Ashtanga yoga practice presenting various styles (guided and analytical training every day)
  • Ashtanga Primary Series - Guided & Mysore practice
  • Vinyasa Flow & Connecting Asana: How to jump back & forward and Hip Openers, Back Bends, and Shoulder Openers.
  • Asanas with props
  • Hatha Yoga: The path to holistic health.
  • 25 Hatha Yoga Postures.
  • Postures of the Key.
  • Multi-Level Modifications for beginners and Intermediated.
  • Standing Postures: Forward Bends, Back Bends, Twists, Balances, Inversions, Closing sequence & relaxing asanas
  • Alignment/adjustment - Learn how and when to use props in the asana practice
  • Student’s self-practice under the teacher’s supervision (individual tips)
  • Vinyasa (tunning asanas with ujjayi breathing) – guided and analytical practice
  • Practical exams of asanas
  • Special classes including Kids Yoga, Pre-natal Yoga, “Yoga for the elderly” Yoga.
  • Sanskrit Breakdown- The names of asanas

The Art of Teaching Methodology

  • The art of teaching: teacher’s qualities, body language, intention & attitude, voice modulation, observation, teaching styles, holistic & motivation approach, giving instructions, Eye contact, effortful teaching, feedback, sequencing and timing, class management & class routine, principles of demonstration – theory and practice.
  • Being a Yoga Teacher
  • Anatomy of hand on alignment – theory, and practice
  • Safety First! – Learn how to practice and teach yoga without injuries
  • Correction techniques
  • Modes of adjustment – demonstration, verbal explanation, Physical Adjustment, props, partners
  • Art of touch & There are three levels of adjustments – Correction, Guidance, and Full adjustments- principles and rules
  • Practice in pairs on concrete asanas
  • Yoga in the marketplace:
  • Start & development – practical tips
  • Business & ethics
  • A journey from beginner to an advanced practitioner – yoga learning process and its phases
  • Practical workshop: Communication and building conscious interactions*

Human Anatomy & Physiology

  • Anatomy and physiology are biological science.
  • Systems of the human body – their meaning and functions
  • Skeletal System, Nervous System, and Muscular Systems and their co-relations in context of yogic practice.
  • The Science of Breath! – Respiratory system in the context of yoga.
  • The way we move the body – the key muscles of hatha yoga and ashtanga yoga – analyses of muscular work in asana practice (theory & practice)
  • Body’s main limitations: tension-compression– proportion – orientation and their meaning asana practice
  • The way to health – Harmony of body and mind, benefits and contraindications of asanas; essential elements of yoga therapy
  • Yogic Anatomy: 5 Koshas, Energy channels, three layers, & Chakra theory.

Yoga Philosophy, Yogic Lifestyle, and Ethics for Yoga Teachers

  • The journey of Yoga – history, definitions, modes, contemporary meaning:
  • The historical and cultural background of Yoga
  • Definition of Yoga and its way of living
  • Five paths of Yoga (Bhakti, Gyan, Karma, Kriya, Raja)
  • Three Gunas
  • How can we apply Yoga philosophy in the contemporary lifestyle?
  • Patanjali Yoga Sutras and their interpretations (selection); 8 limbs of Yoga and their meaning in the contemporary World
  • Ethics for yoga teachers:
  • Values and purpose of being Yogi and Yogini.
  • The place for Yogi and yogini in today’s World
  • Yogic daily routine: principles of diet, the meaning of practice and essence of yogic lifestyle
  • Guided group discussion about fundamental philosophical issues related to Yoga:
  • The Self and The Ego
  • The Consciousness
  • Self Awareness
  • The Responsibility of Being a Yoga Teacher

Course Fee

Taking the yoga teacher training course gives you much more than just training and certifications. It will make you a responsible citizen who has committed himself to guide those who are searching for inner growth and satisfaction. Once you are a teacher, you can blossom other through the path of yoga teaching and bring a huge difference in their lives.

At Yoga Nisarga, cost of yoga teacher training in Thailand includes the accommodation, 3 meals a day facility (Monday to Friday, Saturday Only breakfast) high-speed Wi-Fi, a yoga alliance certification. The pricing of the yoga teacher training program is kept affordable. The TTC Thailand guarantees the participants, the quality training and that too without spending much from their pockets.

We also offer an early bird discount off EUR 200 if you book your course one and half month before.

Additional EUR 448 discount if you join with a friend.

Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor Course 2022 - Dates and Fees

Training Date

Thai Nationals

Single / Shared (Standard)

Single / Shared 
(Pool View)

Single / Shared 
(Ocean  Vista View)


03 July to 26 July


€2599 / €2375

€2999 / €2775

€3300 / €3075

01 Aug to 24 Aug


€2599 / €2375

€2999 / €2775

€3300 / €3075

01 Nov to 24 Nov


€2599 / €2375

€2999 / €2775

€3300 / €3075

28 Nov to 21 Dec


€2599 / €2375

€2999 / €2775

€3300 / €3075

06 Mar to 29 Mar


€2599 / €2375

€2999 / €2775

€3300 / €3075

Residential Plan (Single and Shared Accommodation): What's Included?

  • Yoga Training Manual
  • Yoga NIsarga’s Yoga Alliance Certificate
  • 23 night's Single & Shared accommodation

  • 3 Vegetarian Meals Monday through Friday/ Saturday Only Breakfast
  • Free WIFI
  • Airport pickup (only Koh Samui) / flight details needed in advance

Non Residential Plan:(€1600 for International and ฿40000 Thai students): What's Included?

  • Yoga Training Manual
  • Yoga Nisarga's Yoga Alliance Certificate

Daily Simple Schedule (Subject will change every week)

6:30 am to 8:30 amMeditatio / Pranayama / Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow / Hatha Yoga (alternative days)
8:40 am to 10:00 amBreakfast
10:00 am to 11:20 amYoga Philosophy/Meditation
11:40 am to 1:00 pm Alignment/Theory classes
01:00 pm to 2:30 pmLunch
2:30 pm to 3:50 pmAnatomy / Physiology
4:00 pm to 5:50 pmArt of Teaching / Restorative Yoga / Hip Opening /Jump Back / Back bending
7:15 pm to 08:15 pmDinner .
Saturday Half / Sunday Full Day Off

Our yoga Center in Thailand

CC's Hideaway, in Phuket known as rooftop yoga studio is our center in Thailand wherein you will receive a peaceful aura to rejuvenate yourself. Thailand, being the third-largest country in South-East Asia, offers the perfect combo of rich culture and heritage. Herein, you will be drawn towards the purest source of energy followed by a stunning haven wherein you can easily unwind yourself and grasp the purest essence of yoga and meditation.

TTC Accommodation in Thailand

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During this training, you will be accommodated at mountain sea view Phuket. This is a well-appointed, comfortable, 38sqm air-conditioned double room that would let you chill out in a deluxe way. And if you wish to see sunrise and sunset from the room, the location is ideal for the most picturesque ocean and Mountain View.
pool view

Pool View

The spacious and lavish rooms equipped with king-size beds comprise of custom designed comfortable teak furniture as well as stunning artworks. The marvellous views of the retreat’s azure swimming pool brighten the room with a wonderful sight.
ocean view

Ocean Vista View

The rooms with the Ocean Vista View are the most luxurious of all. You’ll, beyond doubt, get the all-star treatment together with a peaceful escape, thanks to the splendid marine views overseeing the Kata Beach and the Andaman Sea. Staying here would turn out to be an adventure and bliss, without a doubt.

Foods in Thailand

Travelling brings in various beautiful experiences in one's life, and it is through travel that we as humans get the opportunity to savor different kinds of food. Food forms the most important facet of our overall development as humans, and the one thing which concerns especially while traveling to a different country is the constitution, makeup and kind of food in that particular region. In our Yoga Teacher Training Course Thailand, the food is curated, especially for the yoga TTC keeping in mind the intensity of daily yoga practice.

Your daily meals would typically consist of Thai vegetarian food with fresh fruits, vegetables, vegetarian Thai dishes, suiting the needs of every individual coming to the course, balancing all components of diet needed to keep you fit and going through your yoga journey. We personally keep a check on the quality of the food which is served, making sure our students get the best without compromising on the dietary factors of nutrition. A journey in yoga demands disciplined lifestyle, and through this course, we try to give our students a glimpse of a sattvic (fresh, balanced, vegetarian food) diet necessary for improving and moving further in one's spiritual journey through yoga.

Food becomes a gateway to clear thinking and calm mind. Through our yoga teacher training program, this aspect of the food will also be cleared, and you will gain the benefits of it understanding the concept of a yogic diet very clearly.

Our Student Area

At Yoga Nisarga, students are provided with a variety of programmes to suit their spiritual interest, time constraints and resources. Here, we receive footfall from various students coming from different spiritual interests and following different walks of life. Our students come from various countries, especially from China, USA, and Europe, etc. for the practice of yoga.

They are expected to show off their 100% sanctification before entering into the yoga teacher training school for the certification program. Our inspiring and experienced yoga teachers offer the outstanding learning support to the students to make them happy and satisfied with the things, they had learned during the course curriculum. Before entering our best-rated yoga teacher training school, you can check the reviews posted by our students and cross-confirm your decision.

After completion of the complete training and course, participants will be provided with Yoga Nisarga’s Yoga Alliance USA Certificate. The certificate is the proof that you had taken the complete training under the supervision of the well-trained professional teachers at Yoga Nisarga and now, you are fully committed to satisfy the most demanding minds that come under your supervision.