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March 2, 2018
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April 5, 2018

Yoga Course with Things to do in Goa

Yoga teacher training India

The course of Yoga training teachers includes 200 hours of theory and practice of yoga under the strict guidance of high-class specialists in philosophy, external and internal practices of yoga, anatomy, teaching methodology and psychology.And we are waiting for an unforgettable time of rest in a circle of friends and like-minded people, trips to Waterfall, ancient temples, caves of Arvalam, trekking in the Jungle and much more.

This Yoga TTC course is useful for those:

200 Hour Yoga Instructor Course Goa

200 Hour Instructor Course

  1. Undergo training and get all the necessary practical and theoretical information, as well as professional skills for further transformation into an outstanding teacher and practice of Yoga;
  2. Organize your knowledge, improve the professional level of teaching;
  3. Learn about those nuances, without which successful teaching activities are impossible;
  4. To receive the certificate of the international sample confirming high qualification;
  5. Fill your life with new wonderful moments in the Goa.
  6. And the main thing: to learn how to use the tools of yoga to find a state of inner peace and balance that does not depend on external circumstances!

Our teachers

Our teachers will leave an unforgettable mark in your heart and will support you in the way of practice and teaching yoga course, Knowledge coming from the mind and heart …Throughout the course, your training will take place under the strict guidance of highly educated specialists in various fields: Yoga philosophy, external and internal practices, teaching methodology, anatomy. It is especially worth noting the head of the course, the main teacher of the theory and practice of Yoga . Yoga is not what we do, Yoga is our condition. And this thesis is applicable to Swami.

Thanks to his daily persevering practice, he managed to achieve striking results on the path of Yoga. His knowledge is the knowledge of not only the mind, but also the heart. If you want to know Yoga, what it is described in ancient texts and treatises, to know its essence and the true goal, reliable, highly educated and experienced teachers will help you in this.

Students Yoga Teacher Training - India

Students Yoga Teacher Training


Meditation near the Beach, dudhsagar waterfalls, ancient temples and caves in the vicinity of Goa, trekking in the mountains, rafting and much more will contribute to easy study and pleasant practice of Yoga. And thanks to a balanced diet, the use of herbal dues, the beneficial effects of nature, useful knowledge and techniques, you can conduct a high-quality cleansing of the body. Cleared of toxins and toxins, you will get rid of many emotional problems, strengthen the immune system and gain an inexhaustible supply of energy for new achievements. Feel these joyful moments in a circle of like-minded people and friends. During the time spent shoulder to shoulder in practice and travel, they can become really close and dear to you people.

The program is open for participation not only of experienced practitioners and teachers, but also students with an initial level of training, striving to deepen their knowledge and skills in Yoga. Training takes place step by step, from simple to complex, with an individual approach to each. And the whole practical part of the course is individually selected for each participant, depending on his physical and mental capabilities. For those who do not plan to take exams and receive a certificate, there are discounts for participation in the full program (full or partial participation is possible, you come and go when you want, and attend separate classes or lectures). We pay great attention to each course student, so the number of participants is limited to the mini group.

Daily schedule

:7 hours of theoretical and practical classes a day, 6 days a week, Sunday – a day off for excursions and travel. 5.00 pranayama, meditation (optional), visiting the arati puja in the Ashram. 6.00 – 9.00 theory / practice 9.15 breakfast 11.00 satsang 13.00 lunch 16.00 – 19.00 theory / practice 19.30 dinner 21.00 sleep

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