Course FAQ's

1What is Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga?
Hatha Yoga is known to be the apex of all the other yoga styles. On the other hand, Ashtanga-Vinyasa flow is known to be the most dynamic form of yoga that synchronizes the perfect blend of breath and body movements.
2How can I best prepare for the course?
The best way to prepare for the course is to practice the yoga techniques at least 3-4 times a week. Alongside, a healthy diet plan, sound sleep and limited use of caffeine and alcohol will help you in making the best from the YTTC.
3Multi-Style YTTC and short training
Multi-style yoga consists of multiple styles of Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga or Yoga with props. Trainees go through the training session for 19 to 20 days for all the requisite Yoga asana. To become an expert one should focus on maximum two styles during a training session. More than two styles might help you to get all the information of different yoga asanas, but expertise will be far.
4BKS Iyengar Alignment
While performing asanas, correct body alignment is important to move the body in the right way. Right body alignment also prevents pain and injuries. According to the founder of this method BKS Iyengar, to get the most benefit from a yoga asana, one must follow precise alignment for the particular pose.
5I'm interested in joining your Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga YTT. However, English is not my mother tongue. Can I still join your teacher training program?
Sure, you can still join the TTC. For the training program, all is required is basic knowledge of the English language which lets you speak, listen and write the lectures, do the homework and practice teachings, etc. By now, we have trained a number of students from different locales of the world. It’s always good to see students from different regions with different languages interacting and learning with each other.
6Why should I practice pranayama, kriyas, and meditation?
The Pranayama, Kriyas, and Meditation help you in increasing your concentration and creating self-awareness. Once you have created self-awareness, you learn to appreciate life. You will more energize and apply the concentration in the right direction for better inner growth.
7How many students are enrolled in each Teacher Training at one time? What is the typical age range of the participants?
A normal batch size is always good to adore complete YTTC. At Yoga Nisarga, a particular batch size includes 08-12 individuals at a time. This will allow the participants to have thorough coverage of the yoga practices without facing any hustling-bustling in the batches. Students range in age from 17-60 years old.
8What is the program curriculum?
Familiarize yourself with the complete course curriculum designed to make you acquainted with the training accolades. Check out the topics covered in the course program and see whether it matches with your intention. Check out whether you want to add something to it. Also, check whether the reference books are available for it or not.
9Is it necessary to get a certification to teach Yoga?
Yes, a certification or say the authority letter is necessary to teach other disciples of yoga. Once you make participation in a quality yoga teacher training program, you will be qualified with the necessary set of skills through which you can teach yoga effectively and in a safe manner.
10How do I know what styles of yoga I should train in?
Once you begin your yoga journey, you will find various styles of yoga such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, etc. To start with, you can try different yoga styles in your home with the help of local yoga classes or online classes. Once you find the perfect yoga style to resonate with your personality, you can move ahead of its professional training program.
11I feel too old to attend a yoga teacher training. Is it true that the training is only for young people?
That’s not true at all. Age doesn’t matter when you do something for yourself. Yoga is a lifestyle, and you can embed it anytime in your life without thinking about the age perspective. Always remember, yoga is not limited to postures. Rather, it includes ethics, meditation, Pranayama and many other things. To be dedicated yoga disciple, you need not follow any age restrictions. Whenever you want, you can enter into the glorious world of Yoga teacher training.
12I have a fear of doing inversions like headstand and handstand, can I still join?
Of course, you can join. Inversions are always fun. You can try them in a healthy way. However, if you fear something, you are not bound to do any such thing, in which you feel uncomfortable. Also, we try to make you learn the best practices step by step to make you fear free.
13Yoga Teachers
At Yoga Nisarga, all the yoga teachers are registered with the Yoga Alliance. The teacher owns the tremendous experience of teaching yoga practices to the participants. The teachers guide the students with the best practice methods and ensure that they will gain complete knowledge of Yoga Anatomy and Yoga Philosophy.
14How long should it take to become a certified yoga instructor?
According to International Standards, to become a certified yoga instructor, you have to undertake a complete 200 hours of training.
15What should I pack for the training?
First of all, pack the desire to learn something. This is very important to achieve success in what you dreamt of. Apart from this, your favorite yoga mat, yoga clothes, flip-flops, a pen and a notepad are the general essentials which you will require during the YTTC. Once you arrived at the yoga teacher training center, you will find your teacher loving and caring who will make you grasp everything in the learning environment.
16Do I need to attend all of the activities?
Well, for certification, it is required on the part of you to attend all the possible classes. But, due to some unavoidable circumstances like illness, you can take breaks from the participation. In such cases, we would suggest you take the necessary notes, in place of avoiding the complete lesson.
17After attending the training with Yoga Nisarga, will I be able to teach right away or will I need additional training?
Yes, you can teach right away after the 200-hour yoga teacher training program of Yoga Nisarga. After taking the complete training program of 200-hour YTT of Yoga Nisarga, you are now ready with an abundance of knowledge and teaching confidence which you can apply to teach other yoga disciples either through teaching in group classes or taking private classes.
18What if I have unique health concerns?
Before joining our yoga TTC, make sure to consult your healthcare provider. Talk with him regarding your intense training tenure and ask for the approval. Once you get the approval, make sure to inform us about your health concerns too. We ensure that you get a safe learning environment to accommodate your specific concerns.
19Why should I attend a destination training and not at my local studio?
It’s hard to survive with the training program in your local studio. This is because; you may find it hard to keep yourself away from the technology, from the life stresses and many similar things. Once you chose a destination training program, you got the chance to immerse yourself in a different learning environment free from the hustle bustle of the city life. You will get to meet new people, try a new diet, have a sound sleep and above all, you will free from your tedious daily routine that put a bar on your inner growth.
20What are the things you gain outside of yoga when taking a teacher training?
The foremost thing a teacher training will give you is; it will make you stronger and resilient. Apart from this, you will get to meet new people from different regions and countries of the world. This will expand your knowledge and allow you to appreciate your life stature on a positive note.
21Be brave to follow your heart.
Always follow what your heart says to you. Don’t ever fear the barriers that come your way. They are there to stop you. It’s you, who can behave strongly to oppose those barriers. Be a stronger person and move ahead for the great transformational experience, which you will get by joining the yoga teacher training.
22Without expectations
Embark on your yoga teacher training program without expecting what you will get at the end. Of course, the YTTC beholds a lot which no one can calculate nor imagine. It is defined to give something to someone and never failed as an empty vessel. Just set on your yoga clothes and yoga mats and fill your heart with a desire to learn something and start your teacher training program.
23Set your intention
Set your intention before starting with the classes. Might be, you begin with a motive to teach others, but sooner or later, you find that it’s not an easy thing. While practicing yoga, you will realize that teaching yoga requires a lot of practice and zeal to guide
24This is only beginning
It’s not that you have practiced as per your mentors and you are ready. Teaching requires continuous learning. While entering into the YTTC at Yoga Nisarga, keep in mind that this is just the beginning. You have to cover a long journey to become a proficient one.