90 Days Review : Being a Yoga Teacher

Do you want to become a yoga Instructor?
March 2, 2018

90 Days Review : Being a Yoga Teacher

90 days being a yoga instructor

when we talk about our time of existence, 30 days are really nothing. Only a small fraction in the great phenomenon that is our life. And yet, in twenty-eight days your whole world can change and anything can happen. And so it has been for me.

98 days 98 days have passed since I completed my Intensive Hot Vinyasa Teacher Course in Yogalinda . If everything can change in as little as 28 days, imagine the possibilities that await you in ninety-eight.

How has my life changed so much in the past three months?

I can safely say that there is not a single aspect of my life that has not been affected by my experience since I began my training as a teacher in October. With this I do not mean that everything has been a path of roses. I have had ups and downs along the way. However, I am sure that each of the experiences has helped me to follow my true path in life , and to reach a clearer future.

My Yoga Teacher Training Thailand

My Yoga Teacher Training

To begin with, I was blessed with the opportunity to start teaching right after completing my course in November. Thanks to Heather, the Yogalinda studio went from being my school to hosting my first class as a yoga teacher. At the same time that I was wanting to start, the fear of exercising as a teacher was not easy to overcome. As for many of us, the arrival of great opportunities is also often a source of great anxiety. This situation is a wonderful example. I have struggled with anxiety for a long time, and yoga has always been an outlet for me. However, when I faced the challenge of leading a class, I felt pressure taking over me. I spent the first classes trying to keep calm, in front of the whole class, while my students watched me with expectation.

200 Hour Yoga Instructor Course Goa

200 Hour Instructor Course

My breathing was fast, my hands were shaking, and I was constantly mixing inhalation with exhalation, but I got it. After the first three classes, my anxiety began to fall apart and after her confidence and ability appeared. Now, I look at the classes and the sequences with illusion, instead of ending up in a nervous frenzy. Finally I feel that I have earned my right to be called a yoga teacher , and over time, I feel that my skills can only improve.

As much as I learned in the study, it was outside of class that I really noticed the growth I had experienced. The training to be a teacher is so hard that for 28 days you practically breathe, eat and sleep with yoga.At the end, my body was healthy and clean, detoxified, and my mind benefited even more. What nobody mentioned is how easy it is to fall from this lifestyle when you reinsert yourself in the routine of the world outside of yoga. The first week after training is a break; an opportunity to relax and recover. My problem was that I took it too literally. I went from practicing yoga 6 days a week to roughly 2 days, and my routine of diet and healthy life began to falter.

Students Yoga Teacher Training - India

Students Yoga Teacher Training

Surely it did not help the fact that just after the course came Thanksgiving and Christmas, which meant lots of family meals, drinking a glass of more, etc. When 2016 knocked on the door, I felt that all my progress had vanished because of me. I went from feeling the best I’ve ever felt to splicing three consecutive weeks of virus, starting with bronchitis and ending with fever and stomach pain. As much as I wanted to blame someone for all that, the truth is that the only culprit was me, and that made me feel disappointed.

This is where the miracle happened, and everything that the yoga training taught me, came to light. Instead of falling back into old habits and letting the feeling of defeat evolve into an excuse to give up, I channeled the experience of my training and focused on rediscovering my passion for life, for yoga and for my well-being. To begin with, I took charge of my diet and habits at home, before immersing myself in a challenge in the studio to take my body and mind back to the right path. There is nothing worse than seeing your health suffer from your own fault, and I felt that the experience and knowledge that I absorbed in my training allowed me to recognize and deal with the problem before it became worse.

Best of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

Today, I have new hopes, looking to the horizon, and yoga helps me get where I want to go. I am currently working on the construction of a small yoga business, offering outdoor activities, private classes and special workshops, which I hope will begin next spring. Even though this is a temporary profession for me (I am a graduate, after all) the experience has given me very good ideas and business plans for my future career. My passion for yoga, meditation and healthy life are now the engine of my desire, which help me to pursue my dream of working in a therapeutic center for teenagers. I have received incredible support from my students and colleagues, and I only hope it will be that way for a long time.

Perhaps all these changes do not seem as radical as you have imagined, but that is because each person is rewarded differently by the intense yoga training. These small changes in my life are things that I have been avoiding for a long time, and now I am finally moving forward. After discussing it with my classmates, we all came to the conclusion that, inevitably, each of us saw important changes in his life after training. Some changes are perhaps small, others great, but in the end they have all helped to change our lives and the way we see the world in which we find ourselves.

So, what is the difference that they mark 28 days, in addition to a strong body and a certificate? I have taken the course of my life, my health and my future; that’s what 28 days can do.

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