Ahimsa | Love Your Enemies

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Ahimsa | Love Your Enemies

Love your enemies!

Does that sound shocking? Well, it isn’t! Let me explain it to you with a little example!

So tell me — What is love?

For me, love is all about having a great soul.

Take a moment and imagine your soul as water and your pessimism as a handful of dust.

Now, drop that dust in your glass of water and tell me what happens.

Well, that way, your water turns out to be muddy, right?

It becomes a nauseating, filthy mixture of muck in a glass.

Same goes with your soul!

So scratch that mucky pessimism out of your soul by loving your enemies.

What? Did you say you don’t have any rivals?

Then I wonder how you have any friends.

Most of all, the moment you pick your friends, their adversaries become your opponents, right? By having beliefs, opinions, and principles, we make ourselves the foes of those who clash with these views. So, let’s admit it! Each one of us has enemies!

So now, love your enemies for you cannot tame fire with fire.

Loving your enemies is the ultimate choice for a person of any spiritual belief. So, show your foes the sincere respect that every individual is worthy of.

How to do it?

Well, it’s simple!

Just learn to think about your foes with empathy, consideration, and kindheartedness. Make every possible effort to understand them better – their anticipations, their uncertainties, worries, and ambitions.

Seek out for common objectives, spell them out, and try to search together means of reaching these aims.

Don’t waste your time by adhering to your own beliefs. Observe them in light of your rivals’ persuasions with all the seriousness you can gather.

With this, I don’t mean that you should be unwise and let others take unjustified advantage of your positivity.  Remember that you cannot take up that all the people around you are good at all times.

And that doesn’t mean that you should, all of a sudden, grow into their friends. When we talk about loving your opponents, they need to remain your enemies. After all, how can you love your enemies, when you don’t even have them?

Loving your enemies is not your weakness. It isn’t a burden either. Then what is it?

Loving your enemies is a great notion that kindles love and relaxation in your heart.  And acknowledging the fact that love is in your heart allows you to see the goodness in the whole world. Your rivals help you understand that it’s the time to concentrate on the positives in life. Perpetual communication with your competitors teaches you not to take your treasured ones for granted. Doesn’t it?

Go ahead and love your enemies.

In the muddle and chaos, we are in; we don’t have a lot to lose by trying anything as exciting as loving your enemies. Who knows? Loving your foes may be the only way out for you to attain happiness and bliss! So go ahead and love your enemies. They are like a mysterious territory that you need to discover and explore once in a while.

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