How to Start Yoga at Home For Beginners

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March 8, 2019
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How to Start Yoga at Home For Beginners


The concept is easy enough, but it puts fear into our hearts. It should be easier to practice at home since you don’t have a commute or a cost to go to a studio shouldn’t it? But the problem is focusing on and creating that practice we desire. Often dishes, laundry, kids, good TV shows, or other daily duties get in the way. Our intentions are one thing but what happens is another.

Here is a guide for beginners to start yoga at home:

Step 1: Create a dedicated practice space

That’s funny, right? If this is not possible, and let’s be honest, it’s not practical for most of us. Find an area of your home that is open such as a large entry. I use my husband’s TV room because generally, he’s not home when I practice, and the kids don’t play in there, so I don’t have to pick up toys before I exercise. I can’t see the dishes or any dusty surfaces from that space either!

Step 2: Gather your supplies and yoga essentials

yoga home practice

In reality, you don’t need much, but comfortable yoga shoes and a yoga mat is suggested. Then depending on what style of yoga you practice you may need strap, blocks, and bolsters. Some other things that I recommend are a small timer, so you can set it for the length of time you want to practice to stop any clock watching that may happen. If you desire music, have your mp3 player or small stereo ready with the rest of your supplies. I have a little stereo dedicated to my yoga practice. Anything to make it easier!

Step 3: Find the time of day that works best for you

It works most comfortably if it’s the same time most days of the week. Such as first thing in the morning, or last thing at night!

Step 4: Start small

Start by taking out your supplies and doing just 5 minutes of yoga. An easy way to start is with sun salutations, 5 minutes of sun salutations. There are lots of Sun salutation posters or handouts that are available online, print one off and keep it with your practice supplies.
Also, take this stillness into the rest of your day. With regular practice, this sense of tranquility and deep inner peace will manifest in all areas of your life.

yoga at home how to steps

It takes six weeks to create a routine, so now do it. 5 minutes of yoga every day (or almost every day) for six weeks and you’ve done it. You have created your home yoga practice. After 6 weeks I suggest adding another 5 minutes and spend the next six weeks doing your 10-minute yoga practice, working your way up to your goal time.

We often start too big, with substantial lofty goals by telling ourselves that we are doing to do an hour of yoga every day, but then we can’t make it happen. Starting with 5 minutes a day is like baby steps. Just creating the space and time for a small practice will give us the confidence to grow our practice and after that, there are no limits!

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