Sandeep Yogi


Mr. Sandeep has a vibrant qualification in the fiend of Meditation & Yoga Practices, with his years of experience which adds prosperous value in the learning of the students. Mr. Sandeep belongs to a bharman family. So, since his childhood, he has been in influence with yoga activities and mindfulness practices. The person did his masters in Yoga Science from U.K.O University, Rishikesh, and he is an E-RYT of 200 Hour and RYT 300 Hour from Yoga Alliance. Having the valuable knowledge of Ayurvedic and Sujok Acupressure therapy, he wants to make his students learn all the possible parameters to live life happily and healthy. Mr. Sandeep states, he belongs to a yoga-loving family, where he is inspired by his mother to approach this field and his brother is also a yoga teacher. After being prominent in the yoga practices, Mr.Sandeep has spent 2 years in the Rishikesh to have the spiritual experience with numerous Gurus and making himself deepened into Sadhnas. The journey of his passion doesn’t stop here. The person went to Himalayan Caves, Vipassana & Tushita, for experiencing the most adorned silent meditation. Students who have the will to learn yoga with best standards, Mr. Sandeep is the way to their desire.