Yoga for All – Yoga For Asthmatic

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November 10, 2019
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December 14, 2019

Yoga for All – Yoga For Asthmatic


Yoga has shown a significant impact on asthmatic patients, giving them relief and better lung capacity. Patients have come forth claiming that yoga for asthmatic makes a difference in the quality of life for them. It is a very evident fact that pranayama, the exercise of rhythmic breathing is a sure-fire way to help asthma patients. However, today let us take a bit different approach and find a few asanas and poses that will show a positive result in asthmatics. In other words, there is more to yoga for asthmatic than just increasing the intake of oxygen into the body by expanding their lung capacity. Every technique used in yoga is backed by science. There is a reason why even after such advancements in modern medicine, people are moving towards alternative therapies such a yoga. Let us now have a look at how various yoga poses can help asthma patients find relief.


Try hatha yoga, which is one of the credential methods in which yoga can help asthmatic patients. The savasana instructs you to lie on your back with your palms and feet open. Relax, close your eyes, and direct your focus into your soul. Concentrate on your breathing, taking care to slow it down and make it deep. Maintain the same pose for about 15 minutes.


Sukhasana is particularly beneficial for lung function. It is again a pose that focuses on relaxation and stress relief. In this pose, you remain seated with your legs crossed. Your right-hand goes above your heart, and left-hand goes above your belly. Draw in a slow deep breath and let it out in a relaxed way. Practice this pose for five to ten minutes and make sure to keep the breathing even and regular.

Forward Bend

The forward bend pose increases the activity of the lungs and opens them up. Place your feet apart, in alignment with your hips. Bend forward while making sure that there is no strain put on your back. Keep your body in that position and take in about five deep breaths. This will increases the oxygen uptake by your body as well.

Butterfly Pose

Once again you are presented with a stretching pose in yoga for asthmatic. With the soles of your feet pressed together; pull your heels towards your hips. Slowly inhale and as you exhale bend your body forward. Press your knees down with the help of your elbows. Once again take five deep calming breaths as you hold this pose.

Straddled Splits

The Straddled Splits pose stretches your upper body and help the muscles in your body. Split your legs wide apart and keep your heels flexed. Take your arms and extend them upward as you breathe in. Bend yourself forward at the waist and exhale. Repeat the sequence until you have done a set of five breaths.


The Bridge pose helps in the improved functionality of the lungs. Targeting the lungs is the basis for yoga for asthmatic. That is the scientific reason behind the claim that this pose is beneficial for asthma patients. You start by lying down on the floor flat on your back. Bend your knees and slide them until they are directly under your knees and once your feet are in position lift your butt until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Press your shoulder blades into your back. This position expands your chest and gives room for your lungs to function. As your lower back into the starting position, exhale slowly.

Supportive Fish

The supportive fish is another pose similar to the bridge and another technique in yoga for asthmatic. In this pose once again the lungs get expanded which in turn makes their functionality better. You will need two rolled-up towels one under your back and the other under your neck. Align your nose with your chin and extend your legs. Keep your arms at a 45-degree angle from your hips with your palm facing up.

The above posts have been proven to help asthma patients immensely. Take an Ashtanga Yoga training in Thailand which has become a hot new destination to learn yoga and find relief from asthma in a perfectly relaxed setting. Learn to apply yoga at your workplace as well and excel in life.

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