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October 10, 2019
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October 26, 2019

Yoga for Weight loss


Health and weight are interconnected, which is probably one reason why many people worry about staying fit. The only problem is that staying healthy can be hard. Not only is it hard to stick to a particular diet to lose weight when you are busy, but the exercises that some fitness gurus suggest are often overwhelming. Here’s the thing, you do not have to succumb to these demanding exercise routines to stay fit if you start practicing yoga to keep your weight under control.

Yoga & Science hand-in-hand

Yoga experts and scientists have begun to understand that yoga has the power to help people control weight. What this means is that people, even those with flexibilities issues, can maintain their weight with yoga, and that is great news. The idea of losing weight without breaking a sweat may sound too good to be true, but research shows that those who practice yoga consistently will also lose weight consistently.

The people who are trying to make sense of this phenomenon have begun to look at mindset rather than what yoga is doing to the physical body. Sure, yoga does increase flexibility, and it may even have the power to reduce symptoms of things like stress or even menopause, but it does something else too. Yoga seems to change a person’s mind regarding their weight because it promotes changes in the body. These changes lead to changes in behavior, and that is one of the key reasons yoga makes a person a little healthier compared to someone that does not practice it.

Yoga to lose weight

An individual who eats when he or she is stressed may be able to apply that yoga pose that was has mastered to help relieve stress. It can stop this person from over-eating. Others eat because they are unhappy, but this can be remedied using yoga because it also has the power to stir up inner-peace and happiness. It is easy to see how someone dealing with some of these issues can reverse them and finally lose weight.

It might sound impossible, but yoga has the power to alter the structure of the brain by enlarging the hippocampus. A lot happens in this region, including the production of cortisol. This neurotransmitter is related to stress. The hippocampal area undergoes enhancement by practicing yoga, which ends up improving the way you handle stress. It could make a person less stressed, less quick-to-anger, and could enhance their overall mood.

Another interesting aspect of yoga lessons is the emphasis on self-love. It might not sound like a valuable lesson for someone who is attempting to lose weight. Some might say advocating for self-love might encourage a person with weight issues to only accept his or her weight as is. Well, yoga promotes self-love in the form of compassion. It makes a person feel like it is okay to cheat on a diet without feeling too bad about it. The slip up was just a simple mistake for which a remedy is possible the very next day. A person that continuously beats himself or herself up over slip-ups has a harder time returning to their diet than those who accept their mistake and move on.

The kind of self-love that yoga teaches also starts to change a person’s reason to lose weight. The focus is no longer to look beautiful or fit, but the person learns to honor his or her body through yoga. An individual who can love his or her body and accept it starts to see health-centered diet changes as gifts for the body. The human body does a lot for the person, and yoga helps enlighten that truth.

Don’t Over-Pose!

Individuals who focus on strenuous exercises might want to consider restorative yoga poses. One can hold these yoga poses for a very long time after reaching them. They do not ask a person to do anything else but hold a pose, yet they can help a person lose a few pounds. Of course, there is no right way to do yoga to lose weight, but it is advisable that the practice is used under the supervision of an experienced yogi to make sure you do every pose in the right way and safely.

Of course, you might need a little help in the nutrition department, because physical activity can only take you so far.  That’s why it’s also imperative to have the right type of weight-loss regiment that comes complete with nutritional support.  There are a ton of them out there, and one of the more popular ones are Nutrisystem.  Nutrisystem cost can be a little bit high, but it’s more about investing in yourself, to reap the rewards you’re looking for in the long term.

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