What’s In | Yoga meets Tai Chi

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What’s In | Yoga meets Tai Chi


Yoga and Tai Chi, how both help you to grow. Tai chi often described as `Meditation in Motion` mind-body exercise with value in treating many health problems. Yoga is a slow-motion exercise that you go without posing to create a series of mental and physical growth. Tai chi is quickly adopted by anyone ranging from the fittest to the ones confined in wheelchairs or those recovering from surgery.
Practicing yoga and Tai chi make one enjoy a host of benefits ranging from strength and flexibility to healthy living and more balanced approach to life Both yoga, and tai chi offers a variety of health benefit including

Physical benefits:

By stretching and balancing your body against and with your body weight, you grow stronger and flexible.
Mental growth: Yoga and Tai Chi practices will help you to grow mentally. All you mind focuses on what is happening there, and then, failure doesn`t exist, your problems don’t exist. It’s just you, your instructor and the people around. You focus oneself, in-depth growth, and meditation. It also improves your mood

Health benefits:

Taking yoga classes and Tai Chi practices help strengthen your immune system and improve your health conditions by reducing the chances of getting diseases such as cancer, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and pain.
Improved balance: Possesses involved in the practice of yoga and movement involved in finding balance makes you feel better. It is a challenge that once you achieve, it makes you feel better, not only about yourself but also about life. Difficult movement at the beginning becomes more comfortable with practice and perseverance.
Aerobic conditioning: Depending on the speed and movements, yoga and Tai Chi prove aerobic benefits to your body.
Before yoga and Tai Chi ensure that

Do warm-ups:

Warming up helps in stretching, loosening your muscle and joints and helps you focus on your breath and body. You can do rocking back and forth and shoulder circular to warm up
Focus on movements: If you are older or just starting, it is recommendable you do short form slower moves that are easy, and then adjust with time

tai chi chuan

Breathwork or `Energy work:

It is often called qigong in Tai Chi practices. Qigong consists of a few minutes of gentle breathtaking and sometimes combined with movements. The main idea is to help relax the mind and at the same time mobilize the body`s energy.
How to get started with yoga and Tai Chi
There is nothing to worry about beginning yoga and Tai Chi. However. Below are some tips or advise to get you started

Check with your doctor:

Given the safety records, it is, yet, essential to check with your doctor before beginning to practice. It is especially crucial for those on medication that can make you lightheaded or dizzy or if you have a musculoskeletal problem
Consider taking classes: This is the best way to learn Tai Chi and yoga. Seeing your instructor in action, getting feedback and the teamwork from fellow individuals during practice makes you feel comfortable and good about yourself. However, if you would instead do it from home, buy or rent videos geared to your interest and fitness needed.

Dress comfortably:

tai chi master

A tai chi master

Choose clothes that don’t restrict your range of movement and motion. Also, do barefoot or flexible Tai chi shoes that won`t slip up to provide enough support to help you balance.
Remember-No Pain, No Gain: Since yoga and Tai Chi involve muscle strength balance, aerobic conditioning, and balance, It won`t be a walk in the park. You will, therefore, need to remain focused and dedicated until you achieve your desired results.

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