What is Karma Yoga – Principles and Benefits

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December 27, 2019
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8 Amazing Benefits Of Teaching Yoga
April 26, 2020

What is Karma Yoga – Principles and Benefits

karma yoga - the art of living

KARMA YOGA – Giving back to the World through Action

It is a path towards spirituality that is purely based on action and not just on poses and meditation. Karma is defined by unselfish actions that we perform in our life. There is a favored saying of what goes around comes around. It means that if you put forth good karma in this world through your actions, then the world will repay you with the good deed as well. Let us explore the beautiful form of karma yoga – the art of living.

What Is It About?

Karma yoga is about giving all of you into the action. Thus you are neither attached nor waiting for the outcome. All you are concentrating on is doing the work that you are carrying out to perfection. The universe will make sure that the chips will fall in the right place. It can find implementation in the smallest of the thing that you do the most important task of your life. Karma yoga has its foundation in love and selflessness. Explore its world by taking up yoga teacher training.

The Principles To Follow

  • Think well: keep the negativity away from your mind. It is all about what you feel as you are doing your work. And it doesn’t count as karma yoga unless you feel satisfied and happy as you are doing it. It is how well you do something that matters.
  • Have pure motives: Keep in mind that you are doing your work to not get the reward but for the sheer joy of doing that work. Make sure that you do things for the right reasons.
  • Be duty-bound: Be responsible for the jobs that you take up. Find your groove and take up work while keeping in mind that you need balance.
  • Give your best: No matter how small or big the work is making sure that you give everything that you have. Let go of fear and all the things that are holding you back from giving your all to the work that you have taken up.
  • Forgo the results: Do not think about the results. Trust that you will get what you deserve in the end. You are neither bigger nor smaller than another person doing their job. It’s all about how dedicated every individual is.
  • Serve all: Treat everyone equally. Make sure that you are kind and pleasant. Keep in mind always that the best way to get the treatment you want is by treating everyone else the same way. Always retain your humility and be open to change.
  • Be disciplined: Everything you do teaches you something. Make sure that you are open to the knowledge that the universe is giving you. Do what you are doing in the best way and always take away something good from experience.

Benefits Of Karma Yoga

The benefits of karma yoga are much larger than what we can pin down in a few lines. It goes above and beyond all our expectations. Karma yoga is completely in sync with the universe. It thoroughly purifies your heart and removes all the negativity from inside it. Removing jealousy, anger, hatred, and ego from our personality, karma yoga infuses our soul with happiness, love, tolerance, and humility. There is no more selfishness in the life of a person who adopts karma yoga. Upon the completion of yoga training, it makes you strong and powerful enough to face the challenges that life puts in front of you.

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