The Confessions Of A Yoga Teacher Secrets Behind a Successful Yoga Teacher

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5 Common Myths and Misconceptions About Yoga
October 26, 2019
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November 10, 2019

The Confessions Of A Yoga Teacher Secrets Behind a Successful Yoga Teacher


We are undoubtedly in an age where yoga is an integral part of the mainstream culture. People are now taking vacations just to learn yoga so that they can feel refreshed. Ashtanga yoga in Goa has become one of the most sought after forms of yoga, creating an entirely new image of Goa. Goa has now moved up the ladder as a place where people can come to relax rather than just being a party place. As the demand for yoga teachers grows, we see a significant number of yoga teacher training classes popping up. The people flocking to these training are increasing too. Today let’s take a look behind the scene as see what is needed actually to be a good yoga teacher. Using motivational quotes for students rarely helps, It is not just about your knowledge; it also depends on how you handle your class and how much of your experience you can share with your students.

The success of a yoga teacher gets measured with the change that he or she can bring in their students. A positive impact should become visible in the day to day life of all their students alike.


Every Good Yoga Teacher Remains A Student

Be open and accepting to the notion that you never stop learning. The moment you settle down and become comfortable in your skin that you know everything there is to know, that is the time when you stop growing. Life has a way of being unexpected and throwing curve balls at you. Hence, keep your mind and your eyes open. You may even be able to learn something from your students. Only a teacher who can take knowledge from their surroundings will be effective in teaching their students.

This notion also helps you retain your compassion and humility which are pivotal to being pleasant. When you brush up on your skills and try to keep learning new things every time you move towards becoming a good yoga teacher.

Recognize Your Students

Yoga is not just about the poses and the exercises. Keep the classes light-hearted and fun. Know your students on a little more personal level. Understand each one’s trouble; believe it or not, this will help you in helping them better. Yoga is a unique form of art which has this amazing way of being effective for everyone. However, it is also true that tweaking it to match each student will give much more drastic, rapid and efficient changes and benefits. Thus know your students so that you can find a groove with each one, letting you take your teaching to the next level.

Good Yoga teachers are also advised to have smaller classes, which will let you do your work with complete satisfaction and perfection.

Work On Your Voice

No one wants to spend their time following the cues of a monotonous voice. If you do not modulate your voice, going high and low according to the instruction that you’re giving, your students will find it hard to stay interested in your lessons. Take some time out of your daily routine to correctly practice on your voice and develop your modulating skills. The change that this induces in your class will be evident to you.


Your students may see you as more than just a yoga teacher. You have the potential to be a helping hand to those who have lost their way in life. In such a scenario building and maintaining the trust between your students is a huge part. Always be reliable and don’t make promises that you can’t keep. It may sound silly, but you will understand its importance once you give it a bit of thought.

Be Passionate

Believe in what you are teaching. Passion is something that cannot stay in hiding. Be passionate about the yoga that you are teaching. Let the students feel your energy and enthusiasm. Accept all opportunities and never be deterred. Pitfalls and failures are usual in every business. Always look for the silver lining and never give up hope.

If you feel that being a good yoga teacher is the passion that you want to follow, then waste no more time. Find the best yoga teacher training in Goa and put yourself on the path to becoming the kind of yoga teacher who everyone flocks towards.

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