Importance of Wasting Time

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November 1, 2019
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Importance of Wasting Time

Go Ahead & Start Wasting Time!

Individuals who don’t believe in wasting time make me feel anxious. I wonder: what are they trying to get away with? What are they trying to wriggle out?

So, your grandma has inspired you to believe in the idea that “idle hands are the devil’s playground,” right? Splendid, I must say! But do you know that science has something else to say? Well, science says that those “idle hands” are susceptible to superior undertakings. I’m talking about “the endeavors of creativity.”Yes, wonderful ideas, good feelings, and ‘creative’ thoughts need time and space to sprout.

Wasting Time is important!

I know I know that you have an endless list of errands to finish with more and more efforts to undertake. I know that the work culture that demands persistent efficiency tells you to get all your work done right on time. I know that the same work ethics make you feel awkward about even a minute that’s lost. But now and then, “wasting time” is essential and relaxing for a healthy lifestyle. The fact is that if you spend your entire life devotedly replying to office emails, you do nothing but move towards an abyss.

Theoretically, you cannot waste time!

Yes, hypothetically, time is neither wasted nor non-wasted. It’s our preconception that complicates things.  We, time and again, surrender our souls to the life we’ve planned our way. Thus, we forget to embrace the life that is waiting for us. But is it reasonable? NO! The reality is that if we fight the lure of over-planning our life, we’ll be amazed at how easy life can be.

We need space in life.

Let us accept it! As we step into the world of ever-growing aptitude and productivity, all our creative thoughts begin to decline and pass away. And so, we find our happiness and ingenuity by ‘wasting time’ in the long run. In my opinion, wasting time is like boosting your battery and organizing yourself. Taking time to become completely, magnificently, proudly uncreative for some time will eventually make you better at your work.

With this, I don’t mean that thoughtlessly scrolling through your Facebook news feed is psychologically the same as meditation. In fact, I suggest that you must invest your time in the sensible option of doing absolutely nothing at all for an entire hour. The moments of free activity during office hours can create scope for the prospect of deeper thinking. Doing nothing is an experience and an action in itself. If you have never reserved your 60 minutes in your mature life to do nothing totally, then it is an experience you must have. You must grab these perfect moments, and perceive them as “time well spent.”

So, don’t ever forget to make some time to ‘waste your time.’

So step away from your writing desk and start wasting time! Take an idle walk, look at the mists, pin your ears back to peace, and fantasize your life. Or put your name down for 200 Hour Yoga TTC in Thailand or India. After all, the relaxing practices of Yoga and meditation have the power to turn into a cherished, goal-oriented bustle. The tiny space you produce between your responsibilities might spark something brilliant by boosting your work performance. Don’t worry! Your “To Do List” can lie in wait for you to arrive back again.

Happy time wasting!

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